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 Okay, so.

My husband gave me the plague - not his fault, not mad about that - BUT THEN, he huffed & sulked & sighed all weekend because I was too sick to go to Wonder Woman with him. 

So I just looked at a bunch of WW gifs & was inspired to tell him off & shut this fuckery down for good.

Seriously, every time I'm sick or migrainey or out of town or really busy, he gets SO DEPRESSED and then refuses to seek outside help. Just, like, I love you but I CANNOT be responsible for ALL your joy in life, NO. And yes, it legitimately sucks sometimes to be partnered to someone who is chronically ill, but that chronically ill person is not the one to whom you should do all your venting/processing to about that!

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 Guys, I've been pretty down about Syria, and having the plague & stuff but I just wanted to share that my husband just about threw me into a tizzy just now by repeatedly insisting that he didn't like the terms "podfic" and that he would be referring to my bedtime stories about spock/uhura & captain America as "audio books." I was ranting about how he "wasn't allowed to misname things from my culture" before I realized that he was straight up goading me. (He also LOVES to insist that New York is part of New England & watch me implode. Every time.)

ANYWAY, I love audio fic. I can't believe it took me so long to get into it, but now I'm getting lazier about actually reading fic with MY EYES UGH every day.
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 Do any of you have posting access at Whedonesque (I never waited for the blue moon when they have sign ups)?

Because, you see, my friend wants to teach a Jayne hat class at her yarn store but we haven't had a lot of people sign up. But I'm convinced that there ARE more Browncoats in Chicago who'd like to learn how to make their very own Jayne hat. And that we'll have more success reaching out via fannish avenues rather than the regular knitting/crafting channels.

(We also want to do a class on knitting a plush Dalek. Any thoughts on where would we could alert the most Whovians?)

PS Also, HI. Sorry to reappear after an absence just asking favors. I'll be back later but I'm actually tending the aforementioned yarn shop at the moment.
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(no title)


Two problems:

1) These do not come in lady-butt sizes.


(It’s like the underwear version of [this fanfic] where Tony discovers the truth about gender segregation in the toy aisle when his daughter has a doll emergency.)
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 But it wasn't just from here, I also went on an unexpected hiatus from my pervy Arts & Crafts tumblr too. Even my knitting people didn't see much of me. 

I was...hermiting. And perving on Captain America a great deal. (Steve/Darcy is the new Faith/Dean).  And generally trying to avoid suffocating in The Gray (aka Chronic Lyme, clinical depression, ennui, hysteria, etc.)

I have a huge accumulation of thoughts & feelings & squee, but I don't even know where to start. 

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Hello there, El Jay-width. I dunno where I've been. Basic life maintenance has been...challenging. I have this bad feeling that there are some comments here and there that I've replied to, but only in my head.

Anyhoo, lately I've been rather captivated by the subset of crossovers that are really "fusions" and started writing an X-Files/Doctor Who fic in which Mulder & Scully take the place of Amy and Rory respectively in the Who-verse.

Here's a re-imagining of the infamous "iced tea" scene with junior high!Mulder & Scully hanging out in a tree fort that's probably not going to make it into that since the story's developed plot that will invalidate this, maybe.

So this is pretty much just 1000 words of AU X-Files gen.  
'Foxwilliam Mulder,' she teased. 'Like Fitzwilliam Darcy—only instead of ten thousand pounds a year and a manor house, you've got five dollars a week in allowance and a double-decker tree fort.' )


oh me

Mar. 18th, 2014 01:57 pm
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 This project of archiving (and locating) my old fic has made me realize that if I were to die today my fannish epitaph should read:

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 *Every time I watch "The Red and Black" I am re-shocked into a slash-induced speechless state when Krycek kisses Mulder on the cheek (after beating him up & dropping some serious alien-related knowledge on his ass). Too bad I am such a delicate flower with such little interest in hate sex & enemy 'ships. And there's not more pre-MSR Mulder/OMC slash to be had like [this story]. 

*I was talking to my friend the other day and realized that the X-Files is one of the few fandoms that would not be improved for me by any genderswitch AUs.  And this is because as much as Mulder & Scully's partnership defies a lot of gender norms (she's the scientist, he's the emotional one, respect, etc.), their characterizations - and what I appreciate about them - are so very rooted in their gender. For example, I really like how the traces of Mulder's privilege (class, race, gender, height & symmetrical attractiveness) are as evident as his more and less successful attempts to check it. I appreciate that realism: he's a good guy & he tries, but no one's perfect.  And Scully! Bulking up her tiny, tough self with those heels and those pastel pant suits stuffed with shoulder-pads. Her many strengths & rebellions but ridiculous diet food eating. 

* I like to think that the showrunners of Bones and Castle and Fringe learned from The X-Files that the whole Moonlighting curse thing is bullshit - i.e. resolving the sexual tension between your leads doesn't have to ruin your show - unless you are a bad writer or buy into the idea of marriage as narrative closure. But I don't think the lesson came in how The X-Files actually went about getting Mulder & Scully together (especially since they obfuscated things to such a degree that I have a better handle on the Conspiracy metaplot than I do on how & when exactly Scully got knocked up). Nor do I think canon MSR should have happened pre-FTF - I LOVE that Mulder & Scully were friends and partners first, and in such a way that "more than friends" seems like a ridiculous concept when applied to them. It was the squirrely, half-assed and yet excessive way it all went down that serves as a cautionary tale, I think. 
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While cooking dinner just now, I realized that a Lewis/X-Files crossover NEEDS TO EXIST. Preferably a nerdy casefile set <s>sex</s>  [<----ACTUAL FREUDIAN TYPO] in Oxford with past Hathaway/Mulder (& current MSR, of course). With the slashy flashbacks when Hathaway was still in seminary (yes, he went to Cambridge, but) or just recently out. The dates don't match up right, I don't think, and I don't know that I'm the woman for the job, but GOD. 

The sarcastic yet earnest & intellectual dishiness is almost more than I can bear just thinking about it. And the idea of Hathaway knowing about the paranormal!!!


Mar. 11th, 2014 04:31 pm
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So after spending a truly excessive amount of time posting old fic on AO3, I have only now realized just how easy it is to import rather than repost. I don't know why I didn't try that to begin with!  At least I can console myself with the fact that some of the stories I posted really did need careful (re)formatting. 

But considering how voraciously I've been reading classic X-Files fic lately (especially on Gossamer and Reocities), I've felt a karmic fannish duty to pay it forward by archiving my old fic. Of course, I'll soon be getting into those embarrassing early stories I might rather hide, some of which aren't even on LJ. I've never allowed my nitpicky vanity to make me ERASE anything before, but. 


In more paranoid news, I recently realized that while I was all hiatus-y, delicious got bought or broken or something happened to it such that it was displaying MY REAL FULL NAME alongside tags like "wincest" and "Daddy!kink" and god knows what else. After much arguing with the new delicious interface, I've got it so my name is no longer up there, but it still comes up on the second page of google search results for my real name, alongside academic & facebook hits.  Now, I've always been open about my fangirling with other academics and given my career trajectory, I wasn't too worried. But I also never gave specifics to colleagues (unless they were also fangirl/friends), mostly because I didn't want to invite non-complicit voyeurs into my community, but also, they don't need to know what kind of porn I like!

ETA: Okay, it is no longer showing up in Google searches, whew. But I wonder if this had anything to do with why I never got a callback regarding this one job I applied for last year... sigh, oh well.

*This is also reminding me of how I've had these rebellious thoughts about doing nude art modelling (with my face and all!) because it represented for me, committing to a creative, non-9-to-5 life. Kinda like getting a neck tattoo. 
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Cross-posting from Dreamwidth by "popular demand." :P

Guys! I just keep on retro-fangirling! First I couldn't stop reading Trek fic, and now I've fallen down an X-files hole (again). Only this time I'm reading fanfic, and it feels kind of like wading around in fandom history, a bit. Not just what I read, but also the search methodology required with so many broken links & defunct websites only available via Wayback. Also, the archaic terminology. But it's definitely less stressful than going into a frenzy over an active fandom with wank & new canon and such.

And...I seem to be writing a vaguely meta-ish AU crossover in which Hank Moody writes the X-Files as drawerfic. (Also started some Spock/Uhura "research" themed porn, and have vague ideas for New Girl fic titled "The Sweater Curse.")

Blah blah hmmmm, here are some thoughts I spewed onto my fannish tumblr since you've heard from me last:

On fic ratings )On Austenland and my fear of fangirl representations )Fandom is love )
The Great MSR Crescendo and x-files fic recs? )You tube trauma )
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So. Should I start cross-posting over here now that I'm actually posting on LJ again?


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