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Hello there, El Jay-width. I dunno where I've been. Basic life maintenance has been...challenging. I have this bad feeling that there are some comments here and there that I've replied to, but only in my head.

Anyhoo, lately I've been rather captivated by the subset of crossovers that are really "fusions" and started writing an X-Files/Doctor Who fic in which Mulder & Scully take the place of Amy and Rory respectively in the Who-verse.

Here's a re-imagining of the infamous "iced tea" scene with junior high!Mulder & Scully hanging out in a tree fort that's probably not going to make it into that since the story's developed plot that will invalidate this, maybe.

So this is pretty much just 1000 words of AU X-Files gen.  
'Foxwilliam Mulder,' she teased. 'Like Fitzwilliam Darcy—only instead of ten thousand pounds a year and a manor house, you've got five dollars a week in allowance and a double-decker tree fort.' )


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Cross-posting from Dreamwidth by "popular demand." :P

Guys! I just keep on retro-fangirling! First I couldn't stop reading Trek fic, and now I've fallen down an X-files hole (again). Only this time I'm reading fanfic, and it feels kind of like wading around in fandom history, a bit. Not just what I read, but also the search methodology required with so many broken links & defunct websites only available via Wayback. Also, the archaic terminology. But it's definitely less stressful than going into a frenzy over an active fandom with wank & new canon and such.

And...I seem to be writing a vaguely meta-ish AU crossover in which Hank Moody writes the X-Files as drawerfic. (Also started some Spock/Uhura "research" themed porn, and have vague ideas for New Girl fic titled "The Sweater Curse.")

Blah blah hmmmm, here are some thoughts I spewed onto my fannish tumblr since you've heard from me last:

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