Mar. 11th, 2014 04:31 pm
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So after spending a truly excessive amount of time posting old fic on AO3, I have only now realized just how easy it is to import rather than repost. I don't know why I didn't try that to begin with!  At least I can console myself with the fact that some of the stories I posted really did need careful (re)formatting. 

But considering how voraciously I've been reading classic X-Files fic lately (especially on Gossamer and Reocities), I've felt a karmic fannish duty to pay it forward by archiving my old fic. Of course, I'll soon be getting into those embarrassing early stories I might rather hide, some of which aren't even on LJ. I've never allowed my nitpicky vanity to make me ERASE anything before, but. 


In more paranoid news, I recently realized that while I was all hiatus-y, delicious got bought or broken or something happened to it such that it was displaying MY REAL FULL NAME alongside tags like "wincest" and "Daddy!kink" and god knows what else. After much arguing with the new delicious interface, I've got it so my name is no longer up there, but it still comes up on the second page of google search results for my real name, alongside academic & facebook hits.  Now, I've always been open about my fangirling with other academics and given my career trajectory, I wasn't too worried. But I also never gave specifics to colleagues (unless they were also fangirl/friends), mostly because I didn't want to invite non-complicit voyeurs into my community, but also, they don't need to know what kind of porn I like!

ETA: Okay, it is no longer showing up in Google searches, whew. But I wonder if this had anything to do with why I never got a callback regarding this one job I applied for last year... sigh, oh well.

*This is also reminding me of how I've had these rebellious thoughts about doing nude art modelling (with my face and all!) because it represented for me, committing to a creative, non-9-to-5 life. Kinda like getting a neck tattoo. 


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