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Birthdate:Feb 26
Location:United States of America
Just getting around to branching over here from ElJay.

Interests (149):

amanda grayson, anachronistic writing technology, anne of green gables, anti-racism, battlestar galactica, beards, beautiful melancholy, beta males, bibliophilia, bisexuality, bottled longing, boys in eyeliner, british crime drama, buffy/spike/angel, buffyverse, call the midwife, captain tightpants, celesbians, chris in the morning, courier font, courtney milan, craft porn, creative punctuation, crime procedurals, crossovers, crushing on fictional characters, dana scully, dancing, dark chocolate, detectives, dirty talk, doctor who, downton abbey, dreamers, dyke!spike, eleanor & park, elementary, elfquest, expatriate newenglander-hood, faith/dean, fancrafts, fandom, fangirling other fangirls, farscape, feminism, feminist romance, femslash, film theory, firefly, fox mulder, freckles, friday night lights, friendshipping, fringe, geeks, gilmore girls, girls fucking boys, gluten free baking, graduate school, handsome femininity, harry potter, hermione granger, himym, hope, hot baths, intertextuality, isabel evans/lesbianism, jeffrey foucault, joan watson, john/aeryn, joss whedon, kissing, knitgeekery, knitting, libraries, lois lane, lyla/tyra, lyme disease, making lists, marcus flutie, mary todd lincoln, metafiction, msr, muffins, my cats, natural fibers, nerds, non-heteronormative het fic, northern exposure, nyota uhura, ofcs, old stuff, parentheticals, passion, pie, pretty masculinity, queerness, reading, reluctantly badass librarians, river the vampire slayer, ron/hermione, ruby slippers, rupert grint, ryan adams, sam winchester, sandman, serial narrative, sex, shane mccutcheon, sincerity, six feet under, skinnydipping, slayer slash, sleater-kinney, smallville, spock, spock/uhura, star trek, steampunk, stephen colbert, sunday matinees, sweaters, sytycd, tea, teen melodrama, television studies, textual intimacy, the daily show, the edwardian era, the hunger games, the lupine lady, the new girl, the ponds, the vampire diaries, the x-files, this american life, tom waits, tori amos, unexpected autobiography, urban fantasy, used bookstores, vermont, veronica mars, weasleys, winsisters, wonkomance, writing, xena/gabrielle, ya fiction
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